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___curriculum vitae

Filmcurator, writer, teacher, Super8-Filmmaker, lives in Berlin
- vast teaching experiences in the field of documentary and experimental film theory/history in Art Academies in Berlin, Vienna, Braunschweig, Tromsø, Copenhagen, Munich etc, Calouste Gulbenkian foundation, and different universities.
- born in Munich, studies of Anglistics and Philosophy
- Co-founder of the independent Cinema SPUTNIK, Berlin 1984
- filmcurator in the field of migrancy, city planning, suffragettes, short films, early womens cinema, anti-colonial cinema, videoactivism etc.



for Die Tageszeitung, Freitag, Frauen und Film (=Women and Film)


Film- und Videoarbeiten:

mostly in Super8 (have a look at "Filme & Videos")

Publications & Essays (among others) :

Militant cinema. The films by René Vautier, Texte zur Kunst, September 2013

fanzine Caméra au poing. videoactivism by Carole Roussopoulos and colleagues. With Manuela Schininá, 3-6/2013

Let a 1000 Living Archives blossom. Catalogue Living Archive, Arsenal Berlin, June 2013

I’m not really me. Films by Roee Rosen. Catalogue essay, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2012

What was it like? Aesthetics of Trust. Some Films by Bodil Furu, catalogue Tromsø Kunstforening, summer 2012

From the Past to the Future: Suffragettes – Extremists of Visibility in Berlin. In KINtop, Studies in Early Cinema, ed. Martin Loiperdinger, (John Libbey Publishing Oct 2011)

Between two evils I always pick the one I never tried essay about Mae West for Kyk y Perfume, edited by Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg+Ingrid Forland, 5/2011

fanzine Iceploitation “frozen heart- freezing hell”- Tromsø kunstforening/Kunstakademiet 3/2011

Essay: Educative treatments. The experience of Institutions as learning process in Frederick Wisemans HIGH SCHOOL Films, in: „Das Erziehungsbild“/ the Image of education, (ed. Tom Holert & Marion von Osten) 11/ 2010

Small Pathes-intertwined histories, in: Colonial Modern, ed. Marion v. Osten, Serhat Karakayali, Tom Avermaete, 7/ 2010

Spaces of tension & multiple movements - Interview by Dietmar Schwärzler/kolik film about my programming work. 3/2010

Contested Documentary Values. In: Stagings. Kabul, Film & the Production of Representation, ed. Sandra Schäfer, Berlin 2009

Involved/Detached: the super8-work of Milena Gierke, festival catalogue 25fps, Zagreb, 8/2009

Kabul/Teheran 1979 ff - Films, Cities under Stress and Migration, ed. Sandra Schäfer, Jochen Becker and Madeleine Bernstorff (b_books, metrozones june 2006)

Trinh T. Minh-Ha - Films, Texts, Talks (ed. with Hedwig Saxenhuber, München. Vienna 1995) first reader with translations of several Trinh T. Minh-ha’s texts to german

The contribution of France - french film politics in postwar Germany

Oh those Eyes
- silent film comedienne Mabel Normand (Film und Kritik, Frankfurt 1996)

Long While- duration in films by Chantal Akerman, Michael Snow and Nina Menkes
(Be- Magazin, Künstlerhaus Bethanien 1995)

Women film pioneer Lois Weber
(Frauen und Film 1994)

Women in drag, women drag films: publication for the Munich Filmmuseum 1988

Film series, Lectures and other presentations recent:

Alle Tage wieder- let them swing! The topicality of Margaret Raspé’s Films. A collaboration with Kinothek Asta Nielsen, Frankfurt/Main (Heide Schlüpmann + Karola Gramann) cinema Arsenal Berlin + Museum of Worldcultures Frankfurt/Main 9/2014, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin

Pacifist films in the context of WW1, presentations/introductions at Zeughauskino Berlin, 7/8/2014

Global feminisms? 2 programs fort he festival "counterplanning from the kitchen" Kino Moviemento 10-12/2013

Dispersed documents, presentation and filmprogram for the project Living Archive, Cinema Arsenal 6/2013, with guests: Annie Tresgot, Olivier Hadouchi, Viktoria Metschl, Yasmina Dekkar, Brigitta Kuster

Caméra au poing. Videoactivism by Carole Roussopoulos and friends. videoprogram with Manuela Schininá. alphanova gallery Berlin 3/2013

Without permission. The Films by René Vautier. Cinéma militant, internationalism and anti-colonial fights. Filmprogram with Sebastian Bodirsky, in collaboration with Brigitta Kuster, Zeughauskino Berlin, 12/2012.funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin + DEFA foundation

Early Interventions: Suffragettes- extremists of visibility, with Mariann Lewinsky, Zeughauskino Berlin, 9/2010funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin

Selforganisation- Filmpool (More) work to do for the exhibition at Shedhalle Zürich 3 + 10/2007

New ghost entertainment entitled.
Filmprogram Pacifique Cinematheque Vancouver, and Dresden

Reformpause - educational politics
, Film Program with Marion von Osten, University of Lüneburg

Family bonding.
Filmfestival Project Migration with Marion von Osten, Köln. Kunstverein 12/2005

Remember Resistance - filmgroup:
Presentations about postcoloniality and migrancy

Cinema and it's phantoms
(The art of programming) HBK Braunschweig 2005



Iceploitation, Tromsø Kunstforening. group exhibition project based on the research in different archives, concerned with arctic/polar issues . 4/ 2011

Two or three things we’ve learned 2. Galerie IG Bildende Kunst Vienna, (curators: Eva Egermann + Elke Krasny) 10/2010

Matters of Negotiation, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck/Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, (curator: Andrei Siclodi) 6/2010

Bertha v. Suttner_revisited, Harmannsdorf, Niederösterreich (curators Hedwig Saxenhuber, Susanne Neuburger) 10/2009

New ghost entertainment entitled, Shadowbox in the Exhibition by Katrin Pesch, Or-gallery Vancouver 10 / 11 2006, Kunsthaus Dresden 2/2007

Super 8 / DVD-Installation Project Migration, Kunstverein Köln, 9/05 - 1/ 0

"A political feeling- I hope so"
- Performance & Films with Emma Hedditch Cubitt Gallery London 1/ 04

Video for the exhibition "Im Geschmack der Zeit" with Christian Philipp Müller, Berlin, Basel 2003

Videoletterprojekt "women's solidarity"
Ines Doujak, Vienna 1996

Trailer "Forgotten Future" together with Christian Philipp Müller, Kunstverein München 1991


Jurys and other functions:

Member of the Programming Committee for the International Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen (since 2000),

Member of shortfilmjury Eastern European Filmfestival Cottbus (1999 - 2008)

co-founder of Blickpilotin e.V. – association for the promotion of feminist film (1989 - 2007)

member of women’s filmworkers association (Verband der Filmarbeiterinnen e. V.) 1988 - 2009

member of the union verdi

Award by the students of University of the Arts in Berlin for "Good Teaching" (Die Gute Lehre) Nov. 05

Archival research:

research at the Cinémathèque algérienne in Algiers/Algeria for films in the context of René Vautier’s work 8/2012

Participating in the project Living Archive at Arsenal Institute for film+video/art, Berlin from 6/2011

Police files on the Suffragette movement, National Archives London/Kew, may 2010

(post-)colonial films at the Centre cinématographique marocain in Rabat/Morocco + at Albert Kahn archives in Paris, 2008


Different works in the field of filmproduction:
set management, research, script consultant, sound and translation